Multicut Shears A

English. C1935. 'The Astor' by The Rexa Lawnmowing Company. Woking. UK. Main components are stamped and pressed from steel plate. The cutter bar and knives are hardened and ground. Handles turned from beech. A brass plate on one handle bore name and address of Rexa. It made four cuts on opening and another four on closing or eight in a cycle First patented in 1929. The cost in 1935 was twelve shillings and sixpence. (67.5 pence). Ref. Historic Garden Tools p26. Ref: Carters Blue Book 1939 'The Astor Shears' - 'four pairs of shears in one' 12/6d. Ref: Wm Wood catalogue 1958 'The Asto' (sic) 13/9 each. 16 inches L (41cms). 9 inches W (22.2cms).

A nice example in great condition and working order with original nameplate.