Watering Can A

C1935. English. Great details stamped - Manufactured by TURN (PRECISION) LTD. WEYBRIDGE. FOR W. DARLINGTON & SONS LTD. WORTHING. 100% Products for Commercial and Glasshouse Growers.
Height to top of handle 375. Length - spout (without rose) to back of handle 730. Height of can 280 - max diameter 200 approx. The capacity is 2 gallons.
An extraordinary and totally different concept in the manufacture of a watering can. The spout/cross brace and the two handle sections are cast from aluminium alloy. The body is "spun" from aluminium sheet. The spout section is attached to the body through thick rubber washers by means of large cast aluminium wing nuts. The handle assembly is attached through rubber washers by brass machine screws and acorn shaped brass nuts. The brass ferrule for the rose is cast into the spout. It is also designed to accept a HAWS No 2/3 rose  There is also a spout extension piece. The original rose, pictured here, is a flat shaped brass insert clipped into the aluminium housing by a brass circlip.
A very rare piece of garden tool history - there is one shown painted dark green in the Alistair Morris book, page 97 and also one shown in Guillaume Pellerins book on garden tools, page 95 - shown with a Haws rose.



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