Old Garden Tools

Grape Storage Jar

Grape Storage Jar. English 'Copped Hall'. 19C.


Hand Fork F

English vintage Hand Fork in good used condition. 3 Flat prong steel with beech handle and hanging hole. 11 inches (26cms).


Strickle A

English. Early 20C. Strickle in mahogany. This was coated in oil and sand and kept in a scabbard then used as abrasive sharpener for scythes and sickles etc in the field. 12.5 inches. (32cms).


Seed Dispenser A

English. Vintage design. Green plastic Seed Dispenser with 0 - 5 graded transparent cap to allow seeds to escape by size. 3" Dia. 7 cms Dia.


Hand Fork A

English. Vintage Hand Fork. Mid length beech handle and 4 prong twist-tine socket with original rivet. Traces green paint. Pretty item. 18 inches (44cms),