Old Garden Tools

Raspberry Cane Cutter A

English c1900. Steel Raspberry Hook or Cane Cutter with antler scales. Stamped 'Saynor Cooke Ridal' and 'Obtain Warranted'. 13 inches 28cms. In very good original condition.


Hand Fork G

English mid 20C. 4 twist tine with traces green paint and mid length beech handle. Nice patina. 17.5 inches (45cms)


Miniature Glass Cloche A

English 20C. Green glass Seedling Cloche. 4 x 4 inches. good order. 2 available.


Weeder A

English mid 20C. Twin prong with traces red paint and beech handle stamped '**stermat'. 10 inches (26cms).


Cucumber Straightener C

English circa 1880.

Invented by Stephenson of Rocket fame 1845 having become frustrated with crooked cucumbers in his Tapton House gardens.

This is a medium sized example in good original condition.

Length 15 inches (39 cms).