Old Garden Tools

Hedging Shears A

Vintage English Hedging Shears. Pale beech handles with circumferential tooling. Small size. 16 inches (42cms).


Hedging Shears B

English. Mid 20C. A beautiful little Hedging Shears with especially fine ash handles. Suit lady perhaps. 13 inches (33cms).


Trowel A

English. Mid 20C. Bulb Trowel with elongated pointed steel blade with traces red paint and stamped 'Made in England'. Nicely patinated ash handle. 12.5 inches (32cms).


Hand Fork C

English. mid 20C. Stainless steel 3 prong blade with ash handle pierced for hanging. Good solid condition. 11 inches (28cms).


Strickle A

English. Early 20C. Strickle in mahogany. This was coated in oil and sand and kept in a scabbard then used as abrasive sharpener for scythes and sickles etc in the field. 12.5 inches. (32cms).