Old Garden Tools

Flower Picker A

British. 1960's. Long handled Flower Gatherer. Constructed in Aluminium and steel. With original label. By vendor 'Wright and Co Sheffield'.  'The Baronet'. 31 inches (79cms) 14oz. Ref: Woodmans Pinner catalogue 1964.  Nice working order.


Dibber B

English. Mid 20C cranked hollow steel construction with tracces orange paint. 11 inches (28cms).


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Childs Shovel

English. C1950's. Blue painted steel head with beech handle. 11 inches (28cms).


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Dibber D

English. Mid 20C. All bent steel with hollow construction and traces of orange paint. 11.5 inches (29cms).


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Grape Storage Jar

Grape Storage Jar. English 'Copped Hall'. 19C.